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Wireless charging
Electronics must be able to charge quickly.
Functional block diagram

 TVS (ESD-RRB- : input surge protectVRWMVRWM 7.5-2IPPMIPPM (8/20μs) = 69-178a
Input switch MOSFET: VDSS 30V, rdon & LT; 10MR
Driver MOSFET: VDSS 30V, RDon 10-20mR
Input port MOSFET: VDSS 12-20v
Diode (Schottky rectifier) : IF > 1A, VR 30V

Design Considerations

The volume is smaller and the power density is higher and higher
Provide more power directly to the battery while reducing the heat of the phone
“Supports international energy regulations and provides complex monitoring and fault protection functions to achieve optimal and safe battery charging conditions.”