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Power Tools
Power tools the most common type of power tool uses a motor. Electric tools are used for industrial, construction, garden, cooking, cleaning and other household tasks, and around the house for driving (fasteners) , drilling, cutting, molding, grinding, grinding, wiring, polishing, paint, heating and so on.
Functional block diagram

Motor-driven MOSFET: VDSS 25-100v; rdson 0.57-10.0mR
Battery-protected MOSFET: VDSS 25-100v; rdson 0.57-4.3 MR;
Voltage regulator diode
ESD: TVS diode 400-600w

Design Considerations

 At the beginning, PWM-driven brushless DC motor is used, motor-driven MOSFET must meet the needs of high peak current with low RDSON and good thermal impedance
 MOSFET with strong linear-mode performance may be required to provide reverse battery protection if overload conditions reduce battery and gate voltages
MOSFET may need to meet the UL2595 and other specific spacing requirements,
Charge-balanced mosfets optimized for small size are typically housed in a removable battery pack -- one per battery