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Network set top box
A device similar in shape to a home broadband cat, through which the network can be connected to the television, as long as the home has an installed network cable, and is in use, as long as a network cable is separated from the router and plugged into this network set-top box, it can be broadcast online on demand, broadcast live online, and search online for various domestic satellite TV stations, encryption stations, and overseas movie stations. It is of great viewing value, easy to use and cheap, very suitable for satellite TV interference areas, rural areas.
Functional block diagram

Diode (Schottky rectifier) : VR: 10-20V SOD123/Sot -23
Small-signal MOSFET for switches: VDSS: 20-60, SOT-23/323/523
Small signal transistors for switches: MMBT3904/3906, S8050/8550
LDO voltage regulator chip for power supply

Design Considerations

It is required to reduce space, use smaller package to achieve high power performance, not easily affected by noise and surge
 Noise and interference around the wireless interface need to be eliminated
Need to work in a long time, maintain low heat operation to ensure the stability of transmission
Long enough service life is required