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Motor Control Drive
Cordless devices are rapidly replacing consumer electronics and industrial equipment powered by a variety of primary sources, from power tools to vacuum cleaners, thanks to the rise of powerful motors powered by fast-rechargeable heavy-duty lithium batteries. According to the requirements of UL2595 and other new standards, with the increase of power, the security requirements are also increased. OUR MOSFET delivers both the power and the package you need, while providing excellent security.
Functional block diagram

Motor-driven MOSFET: VDSS 25-100v; rdson 0.57-10.0mR
Battery-protected MOSFET: VDSS 25-100v; rdson 0.57-4.3 MR
46/2000 Charge-balanced MOSFET: VDSS 20-30v, RDSON & LT; 300mR
Voltage regulator diode
ESD: TVS diode 400-600w

Design Considerations

At the beginning, PWM-driven brushless DC motor is used, motor-driven MOSFET must meet the needs of high peak current with low RDSON and good thermal impedance
MOSFET with strong linear-mode performance may be required to provide reverse battery protection if overload conditions reduce battery and gate voltages
MOSFET may need to meet the UL2595 and other specific spacing requirements,
 Charge-balanced mosfets optimized for small size are typically housed in a removable battery pack -- one per battery