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Industrial Power Supply (PSU)
Industrial Power Supply (PSU) should be safe and efficient. In addition, industrial PSU must also meet the statutory requirements such as power factor correction (PFC) . Typical applications include DIN track power supplies or efficient robust power supplies. According to the requirements of power supply and shape and size, many different topologies can be used. The common topology is full bridge topology, AC power supply, using power factor correction (PFC) technology.
Functional block diagram

Synchronous control MOSFET:VDSS 100 V,RDSon < 12 mR
Synchronous control MOSFET: VDSS 40-60v, Rdson 0.7-5.2 MR
Operational control MOSFET: VDSS 80V, RDSON & LT; 5mR

Design Considerations

It requires reduced space, high power performance in small package, low EMI sensitivity and not affected by noise and surge
To achieve high energy efficiency, the PSU design uses secondary-side synchronous rectification and O-ring technology for backup power supplies.
Replacing the secondary-side rectifier diode with MOSFET can significantly improve the overall efficiency.