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AR/VR glasses
The ‘reality‘ of augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) glasses is really the need for efficient devices. Our product portfolio not only provides this capability, but also includes low-power and space-saving packaging.”
Functional block diagram

Load switch MOSFET: VDSS 12-20v
Battery MOSFET: VDSS 12-20v, p-channel
Boost MOSFET: VDSS 12-20v, N channel
TVS (ESD) : antenna protection/mobile applications
Diode (Schottky rectifier) : VR: 20-40V IF > 200mA
Control MOSFET: low current load switch VDSS 12-20V, n-channel

Design Considerations

There is a balance to be struck between ultra-long battery life and always-on functionality-energy efficiency is very important
Low power consumption is essential for these small wearable devices
Requires very small package or wafer-level chip occupation area
For more energy-efficient wired charging, you can use two back-to-back mosfets instead of built-in Schottky diode.”