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The USB power (PD) architecture is ideal for end-to-end power support and allows fast charging through the device‘s USB port. USB PD is not limited to USB battery charging, it allows up to 100W charging, power support, and role switching for system power optimization. The connectors provide a voltage range of 5.0 V (2.0 A for handheld and wearable devices) to 20 V (5.0 A for ultrabooks)
Functional block diagram

Main stage side MOSFET: N Channel, VDSS 600-650V
 Secondary-side MOSFET: N channels, VDSS 40-100V, RDon 4-11mR
Load switch MOSFET: P Channel, VDSS 20-30v

Design Considerations

The volume is smaller and the power density is higher and higher
 Provides a variety of output voltages defined in the USB PD standard for quick charging
“Supports international energy regulations and provides complex monitoring and fault protection functions to achieve optimal and safe battery charging conditions.”
Provide more power directly to the battery while reducing heat to the device