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Power Tools
Electric bicycle built-in integrated motor and rechargeable batteries, is a zero-emission environment-friendly vehicles. They need lightweight systems to reduce weight, improve comfort and increase electrical efficiency. Power devices are very important. By improving electronic efficiency, e-bikes can travel farther with the same weight of the battery, or the same distance with a smaller battery pack. Thin and spatially optimized designs with high power densities are essential to support advanced concepts.
Functional block diagram

Motor-driven MOSFET: VDSS 40-80V,RDSon 1- 16mR
Diode (Schottky rectifier) : VR: 100V
 TVS (ESD) diode 400-600w

Design Considerations

Requires high battery capacity and high efficiency motor, usually located in a confined space, often using hub built-in brushless DC motor, rated power is usually less than 750W
 DFN5X6 power MOSFET has excellent power density and rated current, and low heat, high efficiency
 Led and gate drivers offer low-cost custom solutions driven by device reduction, interface ESD protection, and the avoidance of on-site failure