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E-cigarette smoking: through the extraction of beneficial to the human body of vegetable oil as a smoky oil, into the main by the electronic atomizer and the device composed of battery smoking. In the process of smoking, through heating the process of atomization of electronic fume oil, and atomization is through the instantaneous high-current high-power to achieve.
Functional block diagram

Full-bridge step-down MOSFET: VDSS 30V, RDon: 1-5mR
 System power supply control MOSFET: VDSS 20 -30, RDon 12 -15, P channel
MOS drive diode: VR 40V
 Lithium battery charge: EVVOSEMI4054/EVVOSEMI4056

Design Considerations

Smaller size, higher degree of miniaturization
 DFN5X6 power MOSFET has excellent power density and rated current, and low heat, high efficiency
MOSFET must meet peak high current requirements with low RDSON and good thermal impedance
Low power consumption is essential to improve battery life