Welcome to EVER Semiconductor Co.,Limited!
Work with interesting people:
The primary consideration of EVVOSEMI‘s recruitment is not education or other requirements, but whether it has the following three core characteristics:
Enthusiasm: Be enthusiastic about the people and things in your work and life
Interesting: full of personality, humor, and interesting soul, who is flexible in dealing with people and has the spirit of playing to win (playing and achieving goals by the way)
Growth type: always keep enterprising spirit, keep the habit of learning, be good at listening to different opinions, and not be self righteous.
The reason why we put forward such a request is that according to our own experience, such people are the most creative and conform to the company culture. You can imagine that after joining us, they will work together with such a group of colleagues and work happily. At the same time, it is difficult to be more excellent than now
Work your way:
EVVOSEMI is a team mainly composed of young people in their early 20s, full of vitality and informal. We hardly establish any system to restrict employees‘ behaviors, because we believe that the system will curb employees‘ creativity. Therefore, we use culture and values as our behavioral principles to encourage employees to give play to their nature and creativity and act in their own way.
Use your strengths:
Which is easier to succeed? We think it is the latter, because a person who has no shortcomings is equal to having no characteristics, and it is a kind of characteristics to give full play to his strengths, which is easier to succeed. In addition, it is relatively easier to achieve a new height by giving full play to your strengths. In EVVOSEMI, you will have the opportunity to find your own strengths, find complementary partners, and create proud and fruitful results together. It is not only your own business, but also your boss‘s important responsibility to play your strengths.
Gain a qualified leader:
We require that the main responsibility of a leader is to "hold up" rather than "control". When you take the task, he needs to think and act on how to help you achieve your goals. He needs to give you necessary training and assistance from time to time. In addition, when you feel that the arrangements he has given you are inappropriate, you can raise your doubts and have the right to discuss and formulate work plans with him again.