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5G battery power
As demand for data continues to grow, the 5G infrastructure will be critical to the next generation of edge cloud computing, Internet of things devices, intelligent transportation systems, and, of course, high-definition AR/VR live video. With 5G infrastructure, we can transition from the existing classic network architecture to a software-defined network with compact, efficient macro-battery power (10kw to 20kw) and micro-battery power (500W to 2kw) , to ensure that we are connected 24 hours a day.
Functional block diagram

Main Stage side: 650v Gan E-mode MOSFET (validating)
Diode (fast recovery diode) : VR & GT; = 400V, CFP
MOSFET:VDSS 100 V,RDon:1-5mR
Secondary side diode (Schottky diode) : VR: 100V

Design Considerations

AC/DC Totem Pole and LLC high voltage DC/DC topology
Parallel system, higher efficiency, higher robustness and power density
Smaller size, higher degree of miniaturization
Simplified gate drives require lower BOM, smaller magnetic components, and higher operating frequencies