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Outdoor power
Energy storage equipment-outdoor power supplies are becoming increasingly popular in China, and can be used for travel, disaster relief, emergency power outages, and outdoor battery life,” he said. “There are well-developed components for the outdoor power market, including BMS boards, equalization circuits, and inverter circuits.”
Functional block diagram

DC-DC MOSFET:VDSS:60-100,RDon:2-4mR
Small Signal MOSEET
LDO :HXY7805/7812:Vout 5V/12V
Diode (Schottky rectifier) : VR: 30-100V, IF: 4-30A

Design Considerations

System functions must include soft-start procedures, short-circuit resistance, and optimized heat transfer and power density.
They are designed for the latest high power PSE controllers.
Power MOSFET has excellent power density and rated current, and low heat, high efficiency
During the charging and discharging process, the system is kept at a lower heat level